I had a supervision meeting with both my supervisors earlier this week and the agenda with my update and notes are below:

Continuing with photographic practice – My practice has been extended over a longer period this time as the weather has been awful and I already have loads of images of my various locations in bad weather!  I have been choosing my days depending on the weather.  Having said that, I am very pleased with some of my recent work back at Loch Cill Chriosd.

Reviewing Images from Practice Periods 1-8 I am systematically reviewing the images I have taken from each of the practice periods to date.  This involves picking out a set of between 12 and 18 images which I will then put into a collection.  I will put each of the galleries on my website and write about each of them in my blog, giving reasons why I chose the images I did.  I will use the Emotigram to review at least two from each collection.

My supervisors gave me feedback on my recent images.  It was suggested that sometimes I move the camera too fast and in their view the images were too blurred.  However, I would say that I need to vary the speed and I also need images to provide a break from the more reflective, calm and contemplative work I produce on the loch.

My supervisors encouraged me to reflect on my photographic work.  They noted a reticence on my part to do this.  I think this is fair and I will work on writing about my own work and that of other practitioners in a more effective and informed way.

Writing first draft of sections of my thesis – I have been writing 1500-word sections of my thesis.  I already have an Introduction, about 10,000 words of the ontology work, the possibilising section and have now completed 8 sections on the Onion Diagram signifiers.  This amounts to about 25,000 words.  I should stress that they are first drafts but it has really helped writing things down.  It has forced me to reflect and has also given me the opportunity to try out different layouts and approaches.  Each section is illustrated with my images, they include excerpts from my blogs to illustrate and are fully referenced.  I plan to have a full first draft by the end of September.  It would be helpful to discuss my plans and when and in what format you would like to see the writing.

My second supervisor spoke about a method of reviewing draft thesis sections/chapters.  She explained that you go through ten cycles of revision with each review focusing on one perspective – for example, referencing or flow.  She also encouraged me to ensure I have good version control and that I store all the comments from all contributors.

We also spoke about:


  • Using the thesis as a means to comment on things elsewhere
  • A commentary on the practice – should I repeat or point?
  • Should I bring all outputs on-line given the centrality of my blog/website?  Blog exhibits and manifests practice as research.  How do I ensure it is read?
  • Could produce double volume – thesis and images
  • Relationship between the outputs and submissions

Submitting an Abstract for Dwelling in Extremis – Postgraduate Symposium – I am writing an abstract in the hope that my submission will be chosen to be presented at the Symposium.  I will submit by 23 March.

Presenting my research and photographic work to the MFA Arts and Humanities Students in May

 Presented my research and photographic work to Sidmouth Photographic Club on 23 February

 We also spoke about possible examiners.  We agreed to discuss this next time.  I agreed to submit a first draft to my supervisors in September.

Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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