I am off to the Isle of Skye on Sunday for a week to try to capture images for my Work in Progress Portfolio for my research project The Road to Elgol.

In general terms, I am hoping for bad weather or at least some dramatic changes in light. All of my work in Skye for my portfolio has been dogged by clear, sunny weather and whilst I must expect this in the summer months I have to say that I have spent many a summer in Skye when the weather has been wet, windy and cold! Of course, I will be taking photographs throughout the year in Skye, but the summer light along with some more dramatic weather would be welcome. Whatever the weather come rain or shine I will be walking the Road to Elgol.

As is the case with all my trips I have prepared a shooting list (to be viewed alongside my Aide Memoire published last week) based on feedback from my last portfolio, images I have captured prior to starting the course that I would like to find alternative ways of presenting and my knowledge of the road and the gaps I would currently like to fill. Although I have a few days to go before I take my journey north I have a provisional list as follows:

  1. Farm in Red Cuillin – close up in the valley, from high vantage point and using wide angle lens
  2. Borreraig (a clearance village) – do more wide angle shots and go to Suisnish – there are waterfalls there (although may not be very spectacular given the lack of rain)
  3. Re-take stones on beach at Camas Malag – be mindful of light, texture and perspective. Possibly evening light best
  4. Broadford from Waterloo, and Sgianadin
  5. Borreraig from Ord?
  6. Brooks or waterfalls?
  7. Higher vantage point (from Red Cuillin) of little house in The Cuillin
  8. Nooks and crannies in Torrin – be more curious
  9. Across Loch Slapin back to Torrin
  10. Vignettes in Broadford – Petrol station “Love from Skye”, Dunolie with coaches
  11. Wild flowers
  12. Campers or remains of campers or camper vans
  13. Images reflecting my intimidation of the steepness in and out of Elgol in bad weather
  14. Involve people in engagement with my images – bus driver, woman who feeds sheep etc
  15. Video clips for Oral Presentation
  16. Autobiographical images taken with my iPhone

Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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