In Week 1 of Surfaces and Strategies we learned about repeat and rephotography and at the time I referred to some interesting projects I wished to pursue in my home town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire.  I wanted to investigate re-photographing old images of the town showing the present day view. At the time I produced these images as part of my coursework activities.

This week I followed up the idea by meeting with the Chair of The History of Tetbury Society. As a result of our meeting I agreed to retake a small number of photographs as a starting point. I decided to produce them in monochrome and colour alongside the original photograph. A couple of the images are interesting to me as they feature the street where I live and the valley my house overlooks.

Today I have done some test images to try out my technique, identify issues and see how feasible the project might be. It has been interesting walking around the town and comparing bygone times with the town today. In doing so, I have generated some interest from shopkeepers and locals wanting to know what I am doing. These are the original images and my colour version. They are not intended to be the final images but serve to test the methodology and identify issues and questions that need to be answered and/or resolved.

Image 1 – The Cutwell Valley

Image 2 – West Street, Tetbury

Image 3 – The Market Place, Tetbury (provided by Gloucester Records Office)

Questions and issues for my Rephotography project

  1. Should I replicate as faithfully as I can, with the lenses I have, the perspective and framing of the original image?
  2. Should I try to replicate the season and time of day when the original image was taken?
  3. Should I include the inevitable large number of cars and people in my images or do I seek to remove them by photographing for example on a Sunday?
  4. Should I just make a modern day take on the original image?
  5. Should I choose monochrome or colour for the retake?
  6. Should I replicate shortcomings with the original image – for example in the image of West Street the church spire is cut off?
  7. Should I wait until the leaves have fallen to attempt to take similar images to the original – for example in the view of the Cutwell Valley the church is completely obscured by a tree which had not even been planed in the old image.
  8. Should I remove distractors like power lines or do I leave them in as a true representation of current everyday life?
  9. May need to use a step ladder to minimise converging verticals
  10. How might the work be presented – should it be like the original version in a photograph album or should it be viewable on-line?
Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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