Another change in the weather brings gale force winds.  Having spent most of my time at the loch photographing the reeds I decide to pass by and visit the lone tree.  I have taken shots of this solitary, slender, vulnerable and yet resilient silver birch over a number of years.  For me, this little tree is a metaphor for the Island as a whole, being battered by the changing weather but standing strong and defiant.  I plan to capture the movement of the tree canopy being buffeted by the north-easterly blow.  I struggle to hold my footing as I climb the hill – no sign of the sheep I encountered last week.  Long gone after their morning feed seeking shelter elsewhere.

I work speedily as no-one would want to be out in this gale.  The wind is blowing across my chosen spot and pushing me and the tree’s boughs mercilessly.  In between the gusts we both regain our composure and upright position!  It is not a big tree and is a tiny dot against the Black Cuillin behind – capped with snow after yesterday’s fall.

The terrain is steep and undulating and there are not many viewpoints where the tree’s outline stands out against the sky or is framed by the landscape.  Nevertheless, I try again to find new angles from which to capture the tree’s delicate frame.

I am pleased I have ventured out in spite of the weather and return home with a small number of images for my efforts.

Winter Impressions 65 – Alison Price, December 2020

Winter Impressions 66 – Alison Price, December 2020

Winter Impressions 67 – Alison Price, December 2020

Winter Impressions 68 – Alison Price, December 2020

Winter Impressions 69 – Alison Price, December 2020

Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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