I attended the first of a four-part course, Introduction to Project Planning for Research recently.  This has led me to reassess my progress to date in my PhD and review plans for the months moving towards upgrade.  This has all been timely given my upcoming Thesis Monitoring Committee.

I am seven months into my PhD and after drafting the Introduction Chapter of my thesis, and then creating an outline structure of the thesis, I decided this week to create a detailed framework for each chapter.  The outline plan is as follows:

Chapter 1 – Introduction (4,000 words)

Chapter 2 – Ontology (7,000 words)

Chapter 3 – Position in Contemporary Practice (25,000 words)

Chapter 4 – Methods (5,000 words)

Chapter 5 – Photographic Outputs (15,000 words)

Chapter 6 – Conclusion (4,000 words)



Thinking ahead I will need to produce documentation and evidence in support of upgrade – this is a process that formally confirms my status as a PhD candidate at the University of Dundee.  It is important, and it will not only rely on the documentation I produce but on me successfully responding to questions from the Upgrade panel.  Although, it is a few months off, likely to be in July, August or September, I need to ensure that my work plan takes account of the priorities for upgrade – these will include academic research, drafting sections of the thesis and ensuring I have undertaken sufficient photographic practice.  I will also need to give consideration to how I will present my work.

My plan as far as my thesis is concerned is to produce a further draft of Chapter 1 Introduction and produce a reasonable draft of Chapter 2 Ontology.  If I have time, I may also make a start on Chapter 4 Methods.  In order to do this, I need to do more reading and research to inform my writing.

In terms of my photographic practice, I need to decide what I wish to present and how.  This will depend on whether my Upgrade Meeting is held on-line or in person.  This leaves me with a dilemma as to whether to focus on the production of digital or printed images.  I understand that I may be able to have access to an exhibition space next to the area where my Upgrade Meeting might take place.  This will need to be booked, which means I need more certainty about when and in what form the meeting will be conducted.  I also need to consider whether I wish to hold an exhibition on Skye before upgrade.  Again, with our Covid future uncertain, this is not something I can book at the moment although I do have a provisional booking for an exhibition on Skye in September.  As far as photographic outputs are concerned, I have four collections in progress.  I need to decide whether to produce more images for these collections or whether to embark on a new idea, or spend time working on presentation.

Lots to think about as I move into the eighth month of my studies . . .

Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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