For me, the Surfaces and Strategies module has been a revelation. From a practical point of view I have learnt about production methods I had not heard of before, such as zines. I have engaged in rephotography exercises and even used other peoples’ work as a starting point for creating something more for myself – such as taking screen shots from Google Earth and using other peoples’ video clips for my Road to Elgol trailer.

I have conducted some in depth research into paper surfaces and what might be the perfect surface for my monochrome fine art work. Although the search is not over yet I feel I now have a fuller appreciation of how choosing the appropriate surface is as important as the image itself. I have curated and mounted a local exhibition with over sixty visitors to date and produced an Oral Presentation that brings all the threads of my work together in a coherent way.

I have a much better sense of the diversity of contemporary photographic practice and how my work fits into that landscape and the ways in which I will develop my Research Project on The Road to Elgol I have also researched different genres of photography including landscape, Film Noir and the sublime aesthetic. I have extended my understanding of critical theory and how I can critically assess different philosophical approaches and standpoints and their relevance to photography in general, and my work in particular. I also feel more able to appraise and analyse my images and make appropriate judgements about the quality and applicability of my work in putting together a portfolio. I have a better understanding of how different presentation strategies can enhance the narrative of a body of work.

My final piece of work has been completed with a self-portrait that will form part of a group photograph of the Surfaces and Strategies cohort:

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