Again this week it has been about thinking and doing, as I work on the final outputs for my Final Major Project (FMP). I have a Guest Lecture and Group Critique with the book designer Victoria Forrest, and in preparation for this I need to produce a draft book in pdf format. Whilst I have created a number of versions of books already in FMP, I am still working on layouts, formats and the editing and curating of my images. During the last meeting with my tutor she had said how much she liked my black and white images. This made me think about how I might present my images in book form.

My project is about my personal journey, following my early police career, and follows the transition from death and darkness into light and hope. I decided to reflect that aspect in the presentation of the book, by taking my viewer on a journey through the stark and dark early black and white images and finishing with my recent work in colour, capturing depth and luminosity. The photographs are accompanied by the words from my Journal that I wrote in the field while taking the shots.

I reviewed over 200 images and printed a large number of colour and black and white prints to layout for consideration. This process of arranging and rearranging in order to edit down images, in the context of a book or portfolio, is something I learnt from an earlier Guest Lecture with Victoria Forrest. I then re-edited my work to get to around forty images. I laid them out on various surfaces in the house in order that I could take a view on the images, in terms of their relevance to my narrative, the appropriateness of the accompanying words, and where they might fit in the ordering of the photographs to best depict my journey:

Editing Black and White images for Book

Editing Colour images for Book

Bringing Black and White and Colour images together

I have also been finalising the Exhibition arrangements and in this context putting the finishing touches to my new website and designing and producing new business cards and greetings cards with my images. I also collected my prints from the framers.

Homepage of my New Website and Professionally-design Logo

New Landing Page for Critical Research Journal (CRJ)

New Colour Greetings Cards for Exhibition

New Black and White Greetings Cards for Exhibition

New Business Cards with Recent Images and Professionally-designed logo

Lots achieved but much more to be done!


Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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