My work this week has largely been focused around making plans for my online and local exhibitions.

We were asked to provide the following information to the Exhibition Designers:

Name and Location: Alison Price, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

14 word description of my work:

A personal journey to photograph and reflect on my experience of The Road to Elgol.

URL to my online gallery page:

A thumbnail image (353×326)

A ‘best of’ image (1200 pixels longest length)

My choice of theme: Narrating Identity

As part of our coursework we were also asked to consider the following questions in relation to our task of mounting an exhibition:

What impact does your chosen space have upon your photography, and vice-versa?

It is a small, intimate home setting in the Cotswolds. (I was not able to organise an event at short notice in the Isle of Skye in high season that would have been my preference). This will mean that my audience may not know the Isle of Skye nor the Road to Elgol where I have been undertaking my work. I will provide a map to show people where I do my work.

Ideally I might have produced some of my images in a larger format to represent the scale of the landscape I have photographed but I have decided in this small space to limit my framed work to 40×50.

Nonetheless, I believe the setting suits my monochrome and de-saturated colour imagery. My work has a fine art feel so I believe a classy, professional exhibition is appropriate. The audience for my work is likely to appreciate this approach.

What is around the work that can direct or distract attention to and away from it? Could anything in that environment be used to heighten awareness of your work or emphasise the reading of it?

I will need to de-clutter my rooms and remove pictures that currently hang on the walls. I also intend to re-paint the hall to provide a bright and light entrance for my exhibition. Given time I would also pay attention to lighting of the space. I am fortunate that the exhibition will be lit by strong natural light given the time of year. Given the relatively small spaces 40×50 framed prints will be the appropriate size images for the majority of my work although I intend to produce some smaller framed prints and also some mounted prints.

I will produce a small photo book of images, poetry and my own words to accompany the exhibition.

Who will your viewers be and what does your work expect of them? Does it expect them to be literate about photography or internet literate? Does your work expect too much / too little of your audience?

My viewers will be local professionals from the town and surrounding area. I will need to ensure that the basis and back story of my photographic work is clear for those visiting. This will be done through a personal welcome from me and an exhibition programme providing background to the project as a whole and a short description and statement of intent of the images.

How long will you allow people to view your work? Is there a particular sequence in which you want the work to be experienced, or will you ’empower’ the viewer by allowing them to wonder freely around the space?

I intend for people to take as long or as short a time as they like. I do not intend to dictate how, and in what order they view my work.

How much can your viewer engage with the work directly? Can they contribute to it, or interact with it?

They are able to view my images physically or via a screen displaying more images and photographs of the Isle of Skye. I will also have copies of the photo book available.

Do you value the thoughts and opinions of the viewer? If so, how would you go about collecting those?

Yes, and I intend to ask for completion of a short feedback form to inform the future direction and delivery of my work. Questions will include how I might improve the presentation of my work. I will use the responses to shape my final exhibition and other outputs from my research project The Road to Elgol.

Other practical work undertaken

  • Drawn up a guest list for the opening reception
  • Produced flyers to be placed in key venues in the local town
  • Produced invitations for the Opening Reception on 17 August
  • Collected samples for mount board options
  • Ordered black frames for images
Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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