Our coursework activity this week was to provide a brief for our Exhibition Designers to enable them to identify some themes for the Landings 2018: Developing Constructs Exhibition project.

My response was as follows:

  1. Five words describing my practicemonochrome, atmospheric, broody, personal and poetic.
  2. The Road to Elgol my aim is to explore my experience of a place through photographic expression.
  3. Location of Exhibition: A white walled cafe featuring framed and unframed images, video and cards.
  4. Two images that best illustrate your practice:

For the rest of the Surfaces and Strategies module we are expected to work on three tasks:

  1. An Exhibition of our work which might additionally include an online exhibition
  2. A Publication and
  3. A Workshop activity

We have some tight deadlines alongside doing our assessed work of our Work in Progress Portfolio, our Oral Presentation and completing our Critical Research Journal.

The Exhibition

My initial thoughts for my Exhibition were to ask a local café owner if they would be prepared to host it for me. However, I have now decided to locate it at my home in Tetbury using my kitchen, living room and dining room walls to display my work. I intend to frame some of my images and will make a large framed print of my “iconic” image that inspired the whole project The Road to Elgol. I will also display some mounted but unframed prints. I intend to use white mounts and black frames for my work. I will hold an opening event for invited guests on 17 August. My plans will be developed next week when we get our detailed Exhibition briefing.

The Publication

The publication needs more thinking about but at this stage I believe that some format of photo book to include images and poetry or quotations would best display my work.

The Workshop

For my workshop activity I am thinking of using my skills as a trained coach to offer 1-2-1 or small group photography coaching sessions to enable participants to develop their own personal photography plans (PPP) to include discussions about the focus and direction of their photographic practice, activities and milestones to achieve their objectives and working with them to encourage commitment to delivering on their plans.

I have been away on the Isle of Skye for the past week working on my Work in Progress Portfolio (WIPP) for my Research Project. I have also had a 1-2-1 tutorial with my tutor that largely focused on my WIPP so more on this in my Research Development Blog.

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