I have recently finished a short film with filmmaker, Gemma Wearing to explain my work and photographic practice and posted it on Vimeo.  Please see link below:


Screenshot on Vimeo of In Search of the Ephemeral Hiddenness of Skye, 2019


I have already received lots of helpful feedback that I will take on board in my next production.

“I like the video, it’s very well shot with good use of high-production-value elements, and it’s nicely put together. I also like the story and your relationship with the wildness of Skye. What I really wanted though was to “hear” Skye, as well as see it. I would fade the background music in places and bring in the sounds of Skye – the wind in the grasses, tumbling water, birds singing, etc. I think it would make the piece even more powerful.” (CW – Professional Photographer).

Beautifully crafted film giving a moment of insight into Alison’s motivation as a landscape photographer on Skye.” (SW – Professional Photographer).

“When I look at an image, whether it be a painting or a photograph, and if it engages me I want to know about the creator. Who are they? Why did they choose this image? What do they see and what do they want me to learn from their choices? This beautifully made short video answers some of those questions or goes towards helping me understand better the journey that Alison has undertaken in her work. The fleeting images of Skye and the glimpses of Alison there become as one, as she says she does with her camera. The sensitive video is an open expression of emotion, frank but unsentimental, showing the closeness of landscape and photographer, both of them solitary, vulnerable and resilient. I found it compelling and moving.” (LB)

“Skye is small but complex.  It takes time and patience to discover the beauty of the island; it is an addictive occupation. 

 Alison is one of a small group who understand the island’s complexity and she shows in this short film how strong and permanent her relationship with its special character has become in her journey to personal revelation.  

 I encourage viewers to look further into her quite beautiful catalogue of work to see why the personality of Skye is so special, so alluring.” (RW).

“This film captures the essence and spirit of what Alison’s photography and vision is about. It takes us through Alison’s journey to explore and find the everlasting magic of Skye. Truly inspirational.” (PP)

“A high quality, professional, well-structured video: it is focussed and accessible to a wide audience. Short and engaging, it does not overwhelm with technicalities. The wide ranging scope of the visuals acquaint the audience with the geographical location of Alison’s quest (particularly of benefit to   those unfamiliar with Skye) her base and samples of her work; all help to build our understanding of her interpretation, motivation and creativity. Background music is appropriate and the title intriguing.

The voiceover is natural and offers important insight as to her personality and motivation; Alison comes over as a calm, warm person, and establishes a relationship with the viewer. The combination of audio and visual is effective and complementary.” (BW).

I am already thinking about my next film and how I can develop a series of film snapshots about my work.

For example, a professional wildlife photographer commented that maybe the film would be even more powerful for introducing some of the sounds of Skye. This could be achieved by lowering the volume of the music at various points to “hear Skye”. He suggested the wind in the grasses, tumbling water, birds singing etc. I agree that this might produce a more immersive experience for the viewer and it is something I will introduce next time.

Another comment referred to the fact that the weather when filming was untypical of Skye climate.

Until two days before Gemma arrived I was concerned that the forecast was so bad that maybe we ought to cancel the filming. But as soon as Gemma stepped off the plane at Inverness the weather became still and sunny!

The reviewer said:

“At the time of filming the weather was fine and stable; the viewer did not gain a sense of often quickly changing, contrasting weather conditions which lead to Skye’s notoriety for having all four seasons in one day. Such transience is challenging when attempting to portray Skye. More detail of her dilemma of capturing the ephemeralness of Skye could have been included-but it could equally feature in another short follow up video, which could also focus more on techniques used.” (BW)

I do accept this point and indeed we did have some filming in wet and windy weather on the storyboard. As a result of the wonderful weather, which did allow us to get the amazing drone footage, the film does give a rather rose-tinted view of Skye, its climate and its weather.

Next time we will be out in all weathers filming and recording Skye!

Alison Price

Alison Price

My name is Alison Price and for the past ten years I have travelled the world photographing wildlife, including Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Botswana, the Canadian Arctic, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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